WCRU-UGPay Account Guide

WCRU-UGPay Account Guide

WCRU-UGPay Account Guide


  • You can register only via the invite link used to register new users. You can follow this link and register your WCRU-UGPay Personal Account.
  • Fill in the registration fields: enter your Name, Surname, Phone number (with country code), Skype (optional). 
  • Next, come up with a Username (Login) in Latin letters. 
  • Indicate the city where you live (or choose from the list), indicate your e-mail (e-mail). It is preferable to use the @gmail.com mailbox - all messages from our service are guaranteed to come to it and you will not miss anything.
  • Next, confirm your desire to receive newsletters from the company by mail by checking the box (this function can be disabled in the Personal Account at any time) and confirm that you are not a robot by solving the verification code (captcha). Click on the "Register" button. By registering in the project, you confirm that you are familiar with the privacy policy, the use of cookies, AML/KYC and the User Agreement. 
  • Registration is complete. An email has been sent to your email address with instructions on how to activate your account. Open the email and follow the link in the email to register and activate your WCRU-UGPay account.

Account verification

Filling in information. After you have entered your WCRU-UGPay Personal Account, click on the "Profile" button, then on the "Change data" button. 

To verify your identity, you will need a document containing your photo (IDcard, Passport, Driver's License). Fill in all required fields correctly. 

After you have filled in all the columns of the questionnaire, the verification function is available to you. Go to the verification section by clicking on “Status” in the sidebar under your name. 

Upload high-quality photocopies of your document, the details of which you entered during the previous step. Be sure to check that all letters and numbers are legible and that all 4 corners of the document are visible. You may upload documents in pdf, jpg, jpeg, png or gif formats not exceeding 10 MB: 

  • An identity document with a photo (IDcard, Passport, Driving license).
  • Reverse side of the identity document (IDcard, Driving license if using a passport, re-uploading the passport).
  • Selfie with a document with a photograph in hand. 

Next, check the box and confirm that the data that you filled out in the profile fully corresponds to the data on the photocopies of the identity document. 

Your application for verification has been completed and is awaiting processing by the moderator. The term for application processing is 24-48 hours. You can track the status of your verification on the main page of your Personal Account on the sidebar under your name.

Conclusion of contractual documents

After submitting documents for account verification, contractual documents will become available to you. Click on each of them, read carefully and sign by clicking on the corresponding button.

  • General agreement
  • Non-disclosure agreement 

The company's public agreements are also available for reading.

After signing the contracts, all the functions of the Personal Account become available to you.

First steps after registration and verification

The first thing to do is to familiarize yourself with all sections of the account: News, Messages, Materials for the client, Wallet, Portfolio, Products. For each section, the available subsections are listed on the left sidebar. 

News. This section publishes the latest company news, as well as important messages. To keep abreast of events, we recommend that you visit this section at least twice a week and read the company's news. 

Messages. In this section you will be able to see your private messages from the company. 

Materials for clients. In this section you will find promotional materials and advertising pages. 

Wallet. In this section, you can top up your account for purchases and check the current balance of funds in UNT (1 UNT = 1 USD). 

Portfolio. This section displays the number of WCRU tokens you have purchased. 

Products. WCRU security token packages are available here.

Account replenishment and purchase of WCRU

Go to the “Wallet” section, click on the "Pay" button on the sidebar, enter the top up amount you need in UNT (1 UNT = 1 USD) and select the preferred top up method. 

GFST ShareDrop

Participants of the Global WCRU Portfolio have been given the opportunity to become part of a new portfolio consisting of promising assets from the Fintech industry, such as Global Unit Pay, UnitEx, NDE, FNT, Cryptounit blockchain, and participate in the upcoming Sharedrop FINTECH STO (GFST). GFST is a security token backed by assets from the fast-growing fintech sector, with most projects already having a working product and entering the market.

Who can participate in the GFST ShareDrop and under what conditions?
The GFST ShareDrop will be available to anyone with an account on the Cryptounit blockchain (with a confirmed email address), who owns WCRU security tokens, and who is registered with a Soulbound ID along with purchased and minted SOULB. Only 20% of your WCRU balance will be eligible for the ShareDrop distribution.

For example
, if you have 1000 WCRU, only 200 WCRU will participate in the distribution.

200 WCRU × 0.02857 = 5.7 GFST tokens, where 0.02857 is an approximate coefficient that will depend on the final data after the conversion. The planned GFST price is 10 cents.

The value of GFST will grow due to:
1. Business development — increasing the value of the business and thus the token's value.
2. Supply and demand dynamics.
3. Numerous partnerships.
4. Portfolio expansion and addition of new fintech companies.

Global Investment Portfolio Cryptounit

Global Unit Pay, UnitEx exchange, Cryptounit blockchain, Academy of a Private Investor and New Digital Evolution are among the operating businesses that are part of the Global Investment Portfolio CryptoUnit.

Holders of the security token WCRU are co-owners of this portfolio, which currently comprises more than 60 financial instruments from various segments of the investment market and has a valuation of over $11.6 billion, according to the independent evaluation of Crowe Global.