What are CryptoPunks NFT?

Throughout 2021, the crypto industry witnessed a significant trend with the rise of non-fungible tokens (NFTs)

What Are CryptoPunks NFT?

As of January 2022, the demand for unique, rare, and scarce tokenized items continues to skyrocket. To satisfy this insatiable craving for this new asset class, artists, celebrities, and creators are launching various NFT projects.

Despite the numerous non-fungible tokens (NFTs) now available, each aiming to become the next big thing, the CryptoPunks project is the originator of the whole NFT craze. Surprisingly, this project dates back to 2017, and the prices of the CryptoPunks back then were quite low compared to their current worth.

Today, CryptoPunks are among the most popular and expensive NFT collections globally, with some of them selling for tens of millions of dollars. What are these crypto arts, and what makes them so popular and expensive?

What are CryptoPunks NFT?

CryptoPunks is an experimental proto-NFT project created by Larva Labs, a software firm based in New York. The project comprises 10,000 unique collectible 24x24 pixel, 8-bit-style art images stored on the Ethereum blockchain with proof-of-ownership.

Each CryptoPunk is a randomly generated image with various attributes and traits inspired by the cyberpunk movement and Daft Punk. The collection includes different accessories like hats, facial hair, glasses, and earrings, making every item unique. There are no two CryptoPunks precisely alike.

While most of the images depict males or females with punk features like shaved or spiked hair, some rarer variations include non-human Apes, zombies, and aliens, which are among the most valuable pieces of digital art ever sold.

Developed as ERC-20 tokens and stored on the Ethereum blockchain, CryptoPunks inspired the creation of the CryptoArt movement for a more accessible, equitable, and inclusive art market. Holders of CryptoPunks can prove ownership through the Ethereum-based smart contract hash, which acts as a unique digital key that confirms they are the rightful owners. This key allows them to buy, sell, and trade digital NFTs in the same way physical collectibles can be traded.

What Makes CryptoPunks so Valuable and Expensive?

CryptoPunks have become not just a work of art but an investment and status symbol over time. For example, GMoney purchased his CryptoPunk to display the status that comes with owning one. By posting it as his avatar on social media, he can quickly show off and impress others. People in the NFT community see CryptoPunks owners as pioneers and builders, giving them the presumption of trust and status.

Moreover, owning a Punk is like placing a bet on the significance of NFTs and the Ethereum blockchain, given their history and growth alongside the blockchain. Early supporters of Punks were not simply chance participants; they had to be around in the early days of crypto to get involved in the initiative. This belief in Ethereum and NFTs gives the project historical significance and value.

The financial value of CryptoPunks cannot be denied, as the project has turned collectors into millionaires overnight. Celebrities, venture capitalists, and hedge funds have been joining the CryptoPunks craze, hoping to repeat the success of early collectors. Thus, the collection's value continues to rise due to the success of early collectors, while also representing a belief in the future of NFTs and the Ethereum blockchain.

The Controversies Surrounding CryptoPunks

Despite being one of the most successful NFT projects, the team behind CryptoPunks has been embroiled in several controversies. In February 2022, the project faced backlash when one of its co-founders, John Watkinson, sold his stock of V1 CryptoPunks NFTs. Larva Labs, the project's creator, attempted to blacklist the V1 Punks and remove them from NFT marketplaces soon after the sale. This move caused potential financial losses for those who had purchased the NFTs from Watkinson, while he himself kept all the money from his sales and faced no losses from the price drop.

The community had mixed reactions to Larva Labs' actions, with some believing that the team had no wrongdoing since they had stated their disapproval of the project and intention to sell. Others criticized the team for condemning the project and announcing their sale only after Watkinson had already sold, which lacked transparency.

Larva Labs has also faced criticism for its alleged attacks on legitimate projects and its failure to clarify users' Intellectual Property rights concerning their CryptoPunk NFTs.

The Bottom Line

CryptoPunks are a new type of asset tokenization that serves as both a piece of art and a potential million-dollar sale on the NFT marketplace. These unique avatars, with their 24x24 pixel, 8-bit-style designs, have become a status symbol for many celebrities and influencers who own one or more of the 10,000 distinct images. The punk-inspired characters range from male and female figures to zombies, apes, and aliens, each with its own distinctive look.

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