CRU is a Blockchain-based token offered by the Cryptounit Blockchain

CRU utility token

The CRU (Cryptounit) token is issued on the Cryptounit blockchain, which is developed based on the EOS code and uses the Delegated Proof-of-Stake (DPoS) consensus algorithm. The advantage of the Cryptounit Blockchain is the high speed of transactions (up to 20,000 per second) and zero commission for the transfer of tokens.

The Cryptounit blockchain company is an international team of highly skilled IT and digital assets specialists and developers. The issuance of CRU started in March 2021, resulting in thousands of hours of uninterrupted operation of the Cryptounit blockchain with more than 900,000 virtual wallets owned by users from all around the world.

The number of CRU tokens is currently at approximately 10 billion (there are no additional emissions). The number of tokens issued will decrease as they will be burned upon conversion of CRU to a WCRU security token. All CRU tokens were distributed among the participants in the early development stages of the CryptoUnit Program and credited to their personal wallets on the Cryptounit blockchain.

CRU Specifications

  • Name and Ticker: CRYPTOUNIT (CRU)
  • Maximum supply: 10,505,368,715
  • Decimal places: 4 (four)
  • The CRU token enters free circulation only after a 365-day freeze period. During this time, it can be moved between accounts and traded on cryptocurrency exchanges.
  • Sending CRU tokens does not incur a fee.

CRU utility token is designed for:

  • Starting businesses (startups).
  • Existing businesses for developing an existing business using collateral.
  • Blockchain users when paying for a personal business account that allows you to issue your own tokens and keep your records in compliance with the law.

CRU Applications

The Cryptounit CRU token currently already has several applications and with the development of the project, its application can be further expanded.

  • Staking CRU for UNTB.
  • The CRU token can be used as a payment method for creating a business account on the Cryptounit blockchain. This provides a convenient way for anyone who wants to set up their business on the blockchain, issue their own tokens, and use smart contracts while also receiving legal support and official documents for their activities. To manage a business on the Cryptounit blockchain, a user must create a business account.
  • CRU tokens can also be used as collateral and for voting in the Block Producer contest. The creation of each new block involves 21 validators, and anyone with an understanding of the EOS blockchain, enough technical power to keep a node running smoothly, and the ability to develop software products and the community can become a validator. Validators are rewarded with UNTB tokens for their work in maintaining the blockchain ecosystem. To participate in the Cryptounit blockchain Block Producer Contest, users must freeze 1 million CRU tokens in their account during the voting period. Any crypto wallet user can vote for the producer with their own CRU tokens. At the end of the contest, both the candidate and the voters receive their CRU tokens back.

Where to Buy or Sell CRU Tokens

CRU can be traded on UnitEx

On UnitEx Exchange or other exchages. UnitEx is a great trading platform that provides cryptocurrency wallet management services, and also includes crypto-fiat and crypto-crypto exchange transactions. It is safe and secure.

UnitEx Exchange Features

  • Reliable storage: UnitEx has a technical and security team that develops both cold and hot wallets for storing customer funds in custodian wallets, making it a reliable storage option.
  • Lower Exchange Fees: As part of the Global Investment Portfolio, UnitEx provides trading facilities at very low prices, and market maker fees are also low.
  • Universal trade: UnitEx offers positional trade and market trade, as well as staking tokens on the blockchain to generate revenue under the Proof-of-Stake concession.
  • High-speed data flow: The UnitEx exchange is built on microservices and deployed on a Kubernetes cluster, enabling high-speed operations.
  • Reliable Security Solutions: UnitEx provides 2-step verification to enhance security.

You can buy CRU tokens from the following sources:

  • Global Unit Pay platform. The Global Unit Pay payment system interacts with the UnitEx exchange, allowing users to exchange cryptocurrencies from their Global Unit Pay account.
  • LocalTrade
  • Lbank exchange
  • Other token holders: defrosted CRU tokens can be freely transferred between Cryptounit blockchain users (P2P).