What is Initial Game Offering (IGO)?

The latest trend in the world of cryptocurrency is the launch of Initial Game Offering (IGO) launchpads, which share similarities with Initial Coin Offerings (ICO)

Initial Game Offering (IGO)

However, in IGOs, gaming projects that rely on NFTs or tokens as their in-game currency and rewards are hosted by the platform. As the popularity of GameFi grows, IGO is becoming increasingly popular among crypto investors, allowing them to purchase a blockchain game's NFTs or tokens during its early development stages.

What is Initial Game Offering (IGO)?

Initial Game Offering (IGO) is a relatively new concept in the world of cryptocurrency and gaming. It refers to a fundraising event for gaming projects that utilize blockchain technology and rely on NFTs or tokens as their in-game currency and rewards.

The idea behind IGOs is similar to Initial Coin Offerings (ICO), where a new cryptocurrency or blockchain project is launched, and early investors are given the opportunity to purchase tokens or coins before they are available to the general public. In IGOs, the platform hosts gaming projects and offers early access to their NFTs or tokens.

The rise of GameFi, a new concept in gaming that integrates decentralized finance (DeFi) and blockchain technology, has been one of the main drivers of IGO's popularity. GameFi aims to enable gamers to earn cryptocurrencies or other rewards while playing games. This has created a new market for blockchain-based gaming projects, leading to the emergence of IGOs.

One of the key benefits of IGOs is that they offer early access to gaming projects that are likely to gain popularity in the future. By participating in an IGO, investors can secure NFTs or tokens that could appreciate in value as the game gains traction. Additionally, IGOs enable game developers to raise funds for their projects and attract early adopters, providing a win-win situation for both parties.

To participate in an IGO, investors typically need to use cryptocurrency to purchase the project's tokens or NFTs. The purchased tokens can then be used within the game to purchase in-game items or traded on cryptocurrency exchanges.

Understanding IGO Launchpads

IGOs have become a popular fundraising method for blockchain-based gaming projects, and IGO launchpads are platforms that facilitate this process. These launchpads provide a space for creative fundraising projects and investors to interact.

An IGO launchpad hosts a variety of early-stage blockchain gaming projects, giving investors the opportunity to purchase the platform's native token and use it to fund their chosen IGOs. Depending on the launchpad platform, investors may be required to lock their tokens in a pool or stake them to invest in a project.

Once the funding is complete, participants receive either in-game tokens or NFTs required to play the game. Some of the most popular IGO launchpads include GameFi, Seedify Fund, TrustPad, and BinanceNFT.

A Guide to Participating in an IGO Launchpad

Participating in an IGO launchpad can be a great way to support innovative gaming projects and potentially earn a profit. However, the process can vary depending on the launchpad you choose. Here is a general guide on how to participate in an IGO launchpad:

  1. Do your research: It's essential to research the gaming project before committing to an IGO. Unfortunately, there are many fake IGOs and crypto scams out there. Check the project's website and social media channels for a clear development roadmap. Look for reputable investors or partners involved in the project.
  2. Connect your wallet: To participate in an IGO launchpad, you'll need to connect your wallet to the platform. Make sure to choose a reliable wallet that supports the launchpad's native token.
  3. Buy the token: Purchase the game or platform token using cryptocurrency. The amount you purchase will determine the pool you belong to and your potential rewards.
  4. Stake your tokens: Depending on the IGO launchpad, you may need to stake your tokens to invest in the project. Staking your tokens helps determine your share of the reward pool and your potential return on investment.
  5. Wait for rewards: Once the IGO funding is complete, you'll receive in-game tokens or NFTs required to play the game. You may also receive rewards based on the amount you staked.

Pros and Cons of Initial Game Offerings (IGOs)

Initial game offerings have become a popular way for mobile game developers to raise funds without relying on venture capitalists and publishers. From a developer's point of view, there are several benefits to IGOs:

  • Quick Funding - IGOs can provide a quick funding source for developers with a great pitch and a significant social media following. This method avoids the strings attached to venture capitalists.
  • Retain Equity - Unlike working with publishers, developers don't need to forfeit any ownership of their business to secure funding through IGOs.
  • Total Control - An IGO lets developers retain total ownership and control over their game and development decisions.
  • Funding Future Projects - IGOs enable developers to raise funds for multiple projects simultaneously and set the pace for better use of Initial Public Offering (IPO) concepts.

However, there are drawbacks to consider when using an IGO:

  • All-or-Nothing Scheme - If a funding round fails to go through, developers are compelled to return all invested funds to every investor before trying again.
  • Difficult to Finish Successfully - The process of informing investors and raising funds through IGOs can be challenging and time-consuming.
  • Risk - There is no guarantee that an IGO will succeed, and developers must invest time, money, and effort before securing all the funds needed to launch their IGO.
  • Cost - IGOs can cost more than IPOs, making them a riskier investment option.

Despite these drawbacks, IGOs have become a viable alternative for developers who cannot access IPOs in some parts of the world. Overall, the benefits of IGOs outweigh the risks for those looking to launch their mobile gaming projects.

The Bottom Line

The utilization of blockchain technology in initial game offerings provides game developers with an innovative method of funding their projects. Although IGOs can be beneficial for investors to support early-stage gaming projects, they also involve substantial financial risk. Therefore, it is essential to conduct thorough research before investing your funds.

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