The UNTB utility token is a system token created to work on the Cryptounit blockchain.

UNTB Utility tokenUNTB stands for Unit Token of Blockchain

UNTB utility token is issued on the Cryptounit blockchain, which is designed to enable vertical and horizontal scaling of decentralized applications linking the real economy and decentralized finance (DeFi).

The issuance of both UNTB and CRU, which is another token offered by the Cryptounit Blockchain, started in March 2021.

UNTB allows customers to take full advantage of the network and is based on three principles:

  • Security
  • Versatility
  • Speed

UNTB Application Areas

  • Access to the CPU + NET of the blockchain
  • Reward for staking WCRU and CRU
  • Buying blockchain RAM
  • It is indispensable in creating business accounts
  • UNTB is a resource token for the gaming industry
  • Reward for 21 Top validators
  • Issuance of new coins and security tokens

UNTB utility token

UNTB is Designed for Two Types of Businesses

I. For companies that make money with blockchain. The simplicity and ease of opening company accounts and issuing tokens allow them to start a very fast business and to take an empty niche.

Benefits are:

  • Transparent calculations.
  • 0% Commission for transactions.
  • The company decide the duration of the freezing period of their tokens, which can be 1 month, 1 year or 5 years.
  • They can access the platform from any country.

II. For companies that carry out their business on the blockchain and want to monitor continuously all the latest developments in Fintech and beat competitors in mastering new business processes.

Benefits are:

  • Ease of reporting is ensured by high transaction speed and high bandwidth.
  • International partnerships and differences in national currencies will not be a hindrance to their business. With an individual business account and a universal token created by the company, they no longer need internal currency conversions to track and evaluate completed sales.
  • Creating a business account on the Cryptounit blockchain allows them to maintain and generate any accounting and financial documentation. The technology allows clean and transparent accounting, which is definitely an advantage in financial reporting.
  • Companies doing international business can create their own token for up-to-date and fair valuation and accounting of all their sales and cash flows. Any movement of goods or funds is absolutely transparent.


  • A network coin in free circulation. UNTB can be moved freely between accounts.
  • Accuracy: 4 decimal place (0.0001)
  • When transferring the token, there is no commission, but it is necessary to keep some amount of UNTB tokens to have RAM, CPU, NET of blockchain.
  • UNTB emission ends in March 2030

Cryptounit Blockchain - the Best Way for Secure Storage

Cryptounit blockchain is a technology that allows you to record and store packets of digital data and is currently the best way for secure data storage and exchange.


  • Any action taken on the Cryptounit blockchain is recorded and visible.
  • A continuous chain of blocks built according to certain rules that contains data that cannot be deleted.
  • The Cryptounit blockchain is designed in such a way that it is impossible to modify or partially rewrite any data without being noticed.

Buy UNTB on UnitEx Exchange

UnitEx is a trading platform that provides cryptocurrency wallet management services, and also includes crypto-fiat and crypto-crypto exchange transactions.

UnitEx Exchange Features

  • Reliable storage: They have a high quality technical and safety team. Customer’s funds are stored in custodian wallets.
  • Lower Exchange Fees: UnitEx provides trading facilities in a very low price and market maker fees.
  • High speed data flow: The UnitEx exchange is built on micro services and deployed on a Kubernetes cluster, that makes high-speed operations possible.
  • Secured Wallet: Designed for deposits and withdrawals.
  • Reliable Security Solutions: Provides 2 step verification.
  • Cryptounit blockchain tokens CRU, UNTB and USDU stablecoin available.