FNT Fintech Company

FNT is a cutting-edge fintech company with exceptional expertise in the cryptocurrency market. As the B2C extension of their partner, Global Unit Pay, a Swiss Neo bank that has been providing B2B fintech solutions on blockchain for over 2.5 years, FNT benefits from their experience.

FNT Fintech Company

FNT Solution

The rapid pace of digitalization and globalization has created a divide between traditional methods and their digital counterparts. Often, people struggle due to the inadequacy of traditional ways to keep up with contemporary challenges. While daily life is being constantly updated with new tools and applications, the majority of traditional approaches remain unresponsive to evolving needs.

Recognizing the ever-changing needs of humanity in this digitalized and globalized world, FNT merges the best aspects of both traditional and contemporary methods to provide up-to-date, effective, and borderless solutions. FNT brings the future of finance to your fingertips with a financial system that works in perfect harmony like machinery.

FNT's goal is to offer top-notch financial solutions to their members, granting them access to extremely secure tools and a comprehensive ecosystem that allows them to take advantage of every aspect of blockchain technology. Their proprietary token is integrated into its own ecosystem and is fashioned with tokenomics that prioritize the safeguarding of customer funds and respect for privacy.

Safety and Security

FNT adheres to all compliance instructions and offers the most secure, comprehensive, and technically advanced set of services for conducting B2B, B2C, and C2C financial transactions. Security is paramount in today's digitalized world, and FNT is built with this principle in mind.

FNT prioritizes the safety and security of its members' assets and data with the highest level of security measures, including multifactor authentication, private keys, and encryption, backed by both central and decentralized organizational protections. Multiple layers of audit and protection are integrated to provide the community with the essential tools for the future.

FNT is equipped with amplified KYC and KYB (Know Your Business) protocols to ensure ultimate protection, supported by centralized organizations like SO-FIT and FINMA to bolster its claim of being regulation-friendly on a global scale.

  • SO-FIT is a non-profit association, authorized by FINMA (Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority), and has been active for many years in the field of self-regulation of financial intermediaries. Its mission is to combat money laundering and the financing of terrorism, as well as ensure the prudential supervision of asset managers and trustees.
  • Global Unit Pay is an advanced blockchain-based platform with additional capabilities, offering the most comprehensive and technically advanced set of services for conducting B2B, B2C, and C2C financial transactions. It is regulated by the FINMA.
  • The GlobalPass smart platform automatically detects and extracts information from over 10,000 types of ID documents from more than 200 countries and regions in less than a second.

One of the most important aspects of cryptocurrency is the storage and protection of assets. To safeguard these assets, it is crucial to carefully manage private keys and restoration options. FNT Secure Crypto Preservation offers services that include monitoring, provision, and periodic reports to ensure that investors' assets are secure.

FNT Debit Cards

The FNT Crypto Card is the ultimate solution for managing and spending your cryptocurrency funds, providing a hassle-free way to convert digital assets into fiat currency and use them at millions of merchants worldwide. With cutting-edge security features, the FNT card guarantees the safety of your funds, while delivering a smooth user experience.

The FNT debit cards are a revolutionary payment solution, ahead of their time, that makes the future of payments accessible. These cards enable you to use your digital assets to conduct daily transactions quickly and easily, without any risk of asset loss. The cards are available in five tiers, each with its own unique benefits and requirements. You can switch to any tier at any time, except for the Black Tier, which requires a private invitation.

FNT Debit Card

FNT Token

With FNT tokens, you have the flexibility to borrow funds anytime and anywhere, without any risk of asset devaluation. Each use of FNT is thoughtfully designed to enhance its value and bring benefits through every action taken with it.

FNT Tokenomics

  • Total supply: tokens

The vesting periods and tranches for FNT are as follows:

  • Presale: 20.3% with a 1-year cliff and linear unlock over 36 months.
  • Private sale: 16.7% with a 6-month cliff and linear unlock over 36 months.
  • Public sale - IEO (Initial exchange offering): 5% with a TGE (Token Generation Event) unlock of 100%.
  • Team & Advisors: 5% for the team with a 2-year cliff and linear unlock over 24 months, and up to 2% for advisors with a 1-year cliff and linear unlock over 12 months.
  • Marketing: 8% with a TGE unlock of 50% and linear unlock over 12 months.
  • Treasury: 5% with a TGE unlock of 100%.
  • Reserve: 40% locked 100%.

Burning Mechanism

The FNT project is designed to benefit all parties involved, with every aspect of the project carefully planned to create synergistic benefits. The company has implemented a burning mechanism by which up to 50% of revenue is used to buy back and burn tokens, reducing the total number of tokens in circulation.

To utilize any feature within the FNT Ecosystem, FNT Tokens are required, and every use of the system generates revenue for FNT. In order to maintain a sustainable ecosystem, FNT buys back tokens from the public market and burns them, continually reducing the number of circulating tokens.

The FNT Ecosystem functions like a well-oiled machine, with every part of the system working in concert to benefit the community. As FNT takes action and works with the community, the value of the project rises and rewards its participants.


The FNT Ecosystem offers five levels of membership: basic, silver, gold, platinum, and black. Each level has its own set of requirements and benefits, including discounts, loan system interest rates, and earn program bonuses.

As a member advances to higher tiers, their contributions to the token and rewards, discounts, and perks also increase. In order to participate in the FNT Ecosystem, all members are required to utilize FNT within the system.

Membership at the exclusive Black Tier level is by private invitation only, and comes with unique rates and benefits.

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