UnitEx Exchange

UnitEx is a centralized global digital asset exchange and trading platform that adheres to the principles of integrity and innovation.

UnitEx Exchange

The platform offers a unique trading experience with seamless execution for both beginners and professional traders. The industry's most impenetrable system is provided by the multi-layer security matrix, which includes MPC, Intel SGX, the signature Policy Engine, and a deposit address authentication network.

UnitEx Exchange is a cryptocurrency exchange that has quickly risen to prominence in the crypto world. It was established in 2021, and it has been providing an array of features that have made it a top choice for traders and investors alike.

The platform lists utility tokens of the Global Portfolio`s Cryptounit blockchain CRU, UNTB, USDU, and other popular cryptocurrencies and fiat money. Cryptocurrencies are very carefully screened and selected before being listed on exchange.

The design and adaptive grid make the UnitEx platform convenient not only for professional traders, but also for beginners. One click is all it takes.

Registered in Estonia, UnitEx Exchange adheres to strict financial regulations and has obtained a Virtual Currency Service Provider license from the Financial Intelligence Unit. They offer reliable storage with a technical and security team that develops cold and hot wallets. Funds are stored in custodian wallets, and traders from over 130 countries can access their full range of services.

UnitEx Exchange Features

UnitEx Exchange, your easy access to crypto

UnitEx Exchange provides high-speed operations with their exchange built on microservices and deployed on a Kubernetes cluster. They also offer secured wallets with 2-step verification and depth and candle charts to help traders navigate the market quickly.

Traders can enjoy free deposits, secure trading, depositing, and withdrawing with 24/7 support from the customer experience team. To start trading, clients need to register an account, follow the KYC verification process, and make a deposit using their credit card or SEPA/SWIFT payment.

UnitEx Exchange's commitment to reliability and security with its zero level tolerance for any type of ML/TF (money laundering and terrorist financing) schemes has made them a trusted platform for cryptocurrency trading.

With their intuitive platform, high-speed operations, and dedicated support team, UnitEx Exchange is an excellent choice for traders looking for a hassle-free trading experience.

UnitEx can be linked to Global Unit Pay to make deposits and withdrawals. Global Unit Pay is a Swiss based payment system. It is simple, very reliable and completely secure. Watch the video How to link the Global Unit Pay wallet to the UnitEx exchange.

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UnitEx Exchange Licence Data

Registry code: 14915105
Operating License Number: FVT000022 https://mtr.mkm.ee/taotluse_tulemus/536530
Area of activity: Providing a virtual currency service
Type of area of activity:
I. Providing services of exchanging a virtual currency against a fiat currency
II. Providing a virtual currency wallet service
III. Providing services of exchanging a virtual currency against a virtual currency
Start of validity: 20.05.2020
Valid until: Termless
Address: Harjumaa, Tallinn linn, Rotermanni tn 8, 10111, Tallinn, Estonia
Contact Email: legal@unitex.one



The tokens are available on the Estonian cryptocurrency exchange UnitEx, a trading platform that provides cryptocurrency wallet management services, and also includes crypto-fiat and crypto-crypto exchange transactions.



Lower Exchange Fees: UnitEx provides trading facilities in a very low price and market maker fees.



UnitEx is a great trading platform that provides cryptocurrency wallet management services, and also includes crypto-fiat and crypto-crypto exchange transactions. It is safe and secure.