Millenials Now Have Access to Generational Wealth

by Aidan Ward

I remember the day my mum screamed with enthusiasm down the phone about this new crypto being developed that would be backed by "real world" assets.

At the time, I was none too knowing about cryptocurrency, only that my mate and I years prior, ummed and ahhed about getting some Bitcoin at $87 in 2016, but had decided not to.

I couldn't justify the risk of investing into something that depended on the global market, and it was sitting at around $5000

Still, I decided not to buy in at my mother's excitement. Working two jobs on and off I had more than enough money coming in week by week that youthful naivete would blind me to the circumstances that one year from that call... would change forever.

That day was 31st of March 2019.

Fast forward a year, and I found myself in the first throes of the pandemic. Mum had shared monthly updates on the development of what would be known as the "Global Portfolio", a collection of businesses, gold mines, shares of company ownership and assets that had grown from $26,000USD to $50mln+ across 19 different marketing segments using the 8 Rules of a Private Investor.

Due to the global circumstances circa 2020, I found myself dropping from 2 forms of income, to an uncertain, seasonal income with a lot of the unknown staring me in the face.

I decided then and there that I would learn how to invest, how to create a portfolio that was diverse, and steadily growing.

A daunting task, an exciting goal, but fortunately, my first investment instrument would take alot of the guesswork out for me. As a 28yr old with no experience... I was confident my decision to leave it to the pros would be one I wouldn't regret.

The model was simple, I invest, I accrue, they invest my capital, we see an increase in portfolio growth and the cycle repeats. The end goal being not to ever sell the asset, but build it to a point where the monthly dividends would be enough to not only survive off, but to thrive for the rest of mine and my future family's life.

This investment instrument I am talking about? Cryptounit. Now the interesting part is that the Cryptounit is split into two coins. CRU and WCRU. CRU is liquid and is at a steal of $0.003 on UnitEx crypto exchange (one of the assets in the global portfolio). CRU doesn't have assets attached to it but is collateral for exchange for WCRU which is sitting at $2.50 (where all the assets are tied to and held). The company managing responsible has "Burn Promotions" every now and again, where the cost of exchanging CRU for WCRU (usually the difference between the two values) is decreased DRAMATICALLY to make it easy to afford for anyone.

To my fellow millennials, the one piece of advice I can give to each of you is that the world has never been in such a state of the unknown. This company, the community which spans 1.7million in 160+ countries, have found not only a golden egg... but the Golden goose of an eco-system tied to the preservation and exponential growth of WCRU for generations to come.

You owe it to yourself, as I did 2 years ago, to do a little digging, build your own future around this investment instrument. If you make any decision for your future, let it be that you get your own share of the CryptoUnit pie.

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by: Laura

Im so prud of you! 💃🥳🥰🎯

Digital Asset
by: Jyoti Kumar Sahoo

WCRU is future digital asset (Gold), Its Security Token which provides us the Co-Ownership of Global Portfolios.Secure for our Retirement life.

by: Ante Stojanov

I've been following this site for quite a while.. now I really want to invest and buy your kripto token. Looking forward for big profits!!

Happy To Have Ignored Naysayers And Invested.
by: Elizabeth S Obileye

Every investment, every business is a risk. Learn to recognise good risks as against bad risks… Have Multiple Income Sources! These were the principles in this business that attracted me and kept me calm while others were losing their head. This business grew based on the foresights of the leaders. I am happy to be a member!!

WCRU - A leading Financial Instrument

WCRU Will be widely sought for Financial Stability. Its Security Token which provides us the Co-Ownership of Global Portfolios.

Great contribution!
by: Samo Janezic

Aidan, very well said. I hope millennials will take your piece of advice... Our Golden goose will soon start to give us golden eggs!!

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