Best Crypto Payment Provider In the World

The Crypto Expo Dubai 2021 conference was held in Dubai from 14 to 15 October 2021. More than 11,000 participants, including crypto companies, contestants, speakers, traders, and investors from different parts of the world, attended the event.

Global Unit Pay is the Best Crypto Payment Provider in the World 2021

The program offered lectures from professional investors, presentations from various brands in the field of blockchain technologies, and many unforgettable emotions and new acquaintances, leaving no one indifferent.

Best Crypto Payment Provider In the World

At the end of the exhibition, an award ceremony was held among the participants, and Global Unit Pay was declared the winner in the 'Best Crypto Payment Provider In the World' category. The platform won the award by beating more than 500 other outstanding projects, as reported by DailyCoin the next day.

Valentin Sokolnikov, CEO of Global Unit Pay, expressed his pride and satisfaction with the system's performance, stating, "We are thrilled with our system's performance and proud of what we have achieved. We have high expectations for next year and believe that the potential for growth is enormous."

The award serves as a testament to the trust and recognition expressed by the organizers and participants towards Global Unit Pay. The company and its partner projects are congratulated on this achievement.

Briefly About Global Unit Pay

Global Unit Pay is a leading provider of blockchain-based payment solutions that was founded in 2019. The platform offers reliable and efficient payment processing for businesses and individuals worldwide. Built on advanced blockchain technology, Global Unit Pay provides comprehensive services for B2B, B2C, and C2C financial transactions.

In addition to speed and security, Global Unit Pay offers a range of features, including online account management, real-time transaction tracking, and analytical tools for informed financial decision-making.

Global Unit Pay is authorized by SOFIT, a recognized supervisory authority by FINMA, providing users with legal guarantees and a transparent taxation system. Financial and accounting activities are monitored by the International Financial Markets Supervisory Agency.

Global Pass verification service ensures compliance with international standards. Users can open accounts, exchange fiat currencies into cryptocurrency and vice versa, order virtual and plastic cards for payments, and withdraw cash through partnerships with third-party companies that possess the necessary licenses for banking operations.

Global Unit Pay is pursuing its own fintech license to expand its offerings and provide basic crypto banking services to its clients and third-party users. With this license, the platform will offer a more streamlined and efficient experience, managing all financial needs in one place.