Buying SkyWay Shares

The future lies in innovation and breakthrough technologies, and the transport industry is one of the fastest growing and richest in the world. 

Buying SkyWay Shares

The value of the SkyWay (now uSky Technology) company will grow with each new kilometer built, and its rapid growth has given it immense global potential.

SkyWay's Mission

SkyWay's mission is to address current transportation challenges by establishing a highly efficient and safe global transport network that seamlessly integrates with the environment.

Over 100 companies worldwide have expressed interest in the uSky (SkyWay) technology and are eagerly awaiting its certification. Experts estimate the intellectual property rights' capitalization, including patents, unique innovations, and string technology know-how, to exceed $400 billion.

Tens of thousands of individuals worldwide are invested in the project. Using the crowd-investing system to sell investment shares to micro-investors, anyone can contribute to the technology's creation.

By investing, you become a co-owner of a fast-growing global company during its introduction to the market.

Reasons to Invest in SkyWay

5 Reasons to Invest in uSky (SkyWay)

Invest in uSky with a small initial investment and reap maximum returns - You have the opportunity to purchase investment shares in the company at a significant discount from their face value. As the company enters the global market, there is a potential for the value of your share to increase significantly, resulting in maximum returns on your investment.

Opportunity to become a co-owner of an international corporation - Investing in the company's shares presents the opportunity to become a co-owner of a forward-thinking global corporation with immense growth potential.

Lifetime dividends - You make a profit with each new implemented project of the company.

New success status - Investing in uSky (SkyWay) not only offers financial benefits, but it also provides a new level of success status. As a shareholder, you are on par with the developers of innovative technology that is shaping the future and benefiting millions of people while preserving the planet's ecology. Even a small investment can be a significant step towards success in creating a sustainable future.

Change the world - By investing, you join forces with the developers in creating a sustainable future that benefits millions of people and promotes ecological balance. Every investment, no matter how small, is a step towards success in transforming our world for the better.

What Will You Get from Buying SkyWay Shares?

What Will You Get from Buying uSky (SkyWay) Shares?

Secure future - Opportunity to make a profit in 3-5 years.

24/7 personal consultation - At uSky (SkyWay), they provide personalized support for their investors. Your dedicated manager is always available to offer detailed professional advice and answer any questions you may have. They also offer round-the-clock investor support in three languages - Russian, English, and German - to ensure that you have access to the help you need, whenever you need it.

Investor's personal account - uSky (SkyWay) provides its investors with personal access to their accounts through its closed investment portal. This convenient and user-friendly online tool allows you to make investments and develop your investment network easily through their affiliate program. With personal access to your account, you can monitor your investments and track your progress towards achieving your financial goals.

Free education - uSky (SkyWay) is committed to helping its investors achieve financial literacy and success in private investment. That's why it offers free training sessions on effective private investment and financial literacy. Additionally, it organizes regular business seminars, webinars, and training sessions on various topics to help its investors stay informed and up-to-date. By participating in these opportunities, you can gain valuable insights and knowledge to help you make informed investment decisions and maximize your returns.

Investment in an environmental mission to save the planet - uSky (SkyWay) is more than just a technological advancement, and also a solution to the problems associated with traditional transport. By embracing SkyWay's sustainable and efficient transport solutions, you can collectively combat pollution and the risks associated with traditional modes of transport. We believe that it is our responsibility to live in a way that makes our loved ones and future generations proud of us.

Buying SkyWay Shares is Easy

Buying uSky (SkyWay) Shares is Easy

To access your personal account, simply register and create your account. Choose an investment package that suits your needs and pay using your preferred method. Once your payment is processed, you will receive a certified certificate of entry of your investment shares in the register.

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Why People Trust SkyWay

Why People Trust uSky (SkyWay)

There are several reasons why people trust uSky (SkyWay):

Firstly, the company has an authorized capital secured by intellectual property worth $400 billion USD. The exclusive intellectual property rights of engineer Anatoli Unitsky on uSky (SkyWay) technology have been evaluated by international experts and contributed to the charter capital of Global Transport Investments. These experts are independent and evaluate based on generally accepted international criteria.

Secondly, uSky (SkyWay) operates with absolute transparency and adheres to its declared plans and development strategies. The company regularly informs investors about the stages of growth and prospects.

Thirdly, uSky (SkyWay) follows a unique "people's company" model where profits are distributed among an open community of investors rather than being concentrated in the hands of a narrow circle of owners.

Lastly, the future lies in innovation and breakthrough technologies, and the transport industry is one of the fastest-growing and richest in the world. With each new kilometer of roads built, the value of the company will grow.

Anatoli Unitsky

Anatoli Unitsky

Anatoli Unitsky, the President of uSky (SkyWay) Group of Companies, is a distinguished scientist and inventor. He has authored more than 200 scientific papers, 18 monographs, and around 100 inventions in various industries such as construction, transport, mechanical engineering, electronics, and chemistry.

Unitsky is the creator of string transport, and several transport and infrastructure projects based on string technology. He is a member of the Federation of Cosmonautics, and an Academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences.

The uniqueness of Unitsky's inventions is protected by Eurasian and foreign patents.

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