Cryptounit Program
Your Stake in the Global Investment Portfolio Cryptounit

How to Become a Co-owner of the Global Investment Portfolio

CryptoUnit ProgramUGPay Group AG, a company under the Swiss jurisdiction, is the seller of WCRU security tokens. Holders of WCRU are co-owners of the Global Investment Portfolio.

With the Cryptounit program you get the opportunity to become a co-owner of the Global investment portfolio. It also provides an opportunity to gain financial knowledge.

Advantages of the Cryptounit Program

Participants of the CryptoUnit Program get access to training and courses. A popular course is the Investment Consultant Video Course, which offers a completely new approach for the preparation of highly qualified specialists in all sectors of the investment market.

Participation in the Global Investment Portfolio Cryptounit which was created at the personal expense of Andrey Khovratov and was estimated at 11.5 million dollars before the launch of the Cryptounit Program in March 2019. This portfolio was given to the Cryptounit project as an existing asset. The financial resources attracted by the project are aimed at expanding the existing portfolio with other profitable investment instruments.

Monthly dividend income based on the number of WCRU security tokens in possession, with payments within the 10th day of each month. A guaranteed allocation of 8 to 35% of profits from the assets of the Global Investment Portfolio is reserved for dividend income. The percentage is specified by open voting among all members.

The increasing value of the Global Investment Portfolio assets (thanks to the profit from its investment instruments) provides price growth of the WCRU security token.

Unlike ICO, the risk of STO fraud is minimized. STO have a high level of investor protection. The value of WCRU is supported by securities (company shares). The registrar of the WCRU security token is UGPay Group which is registered in Switzerland.

Audit of declarative statements is conducted by an independent Asset Management audit company, which was founded in 1971 and is a member of the regional self-regulator ARIF, which is subordinate to the central regulator - FINMA.

Participants of the Cryptounit program can sell/buy Cryptounit blockchain tokens CRU, UNTB and USDU on UnitEx or other exchanges.

Cryptounit Program Roadmap

Project pre-opening was divided into 8 stages. It started on 31 March 2019 and was completed on 08 January 2020

3 April 2019

1 May 2019

1 June 2019

1 July 2019

1 August 2019

1 September 2019

1 November 2019
TRANSITION TO STAGE 8.1 (first substage of the final stage)

1 December 2019
TRANSITION TO STAGE 8.2 (second substage of the final stage)

Free circulation of the CryptoUnit token with other fiat and cryptocurrencies

10 March 2021
Official launch of Cryptounit blockchain

20 March 2021
UnitEx exchange opens registration

8 April 2021
The conversion of CRU tokens for WCRU security tokens on the Cryptounit blockchain became available.

ENDING 2024/2029 WITH A WCRU TOKEN PRICE OF $ 1000-2000
Global Merchandising of the token, based on assets of the Investment Portfolio worth over $100 trillion.

Over 1.7 Million People joined the Cryptounit Program

Security tokens WCRU (WorldCRU) are digital shares of the Global Investment Portfolio CryptoUnit, which are issued through the STO procedure (Security Token Offering), use blockchain technology and smart contracts, reflect a proportionately corresponding share in the company Cryptounit Inc. and the right to participate in the Cryptounit program and therefore receiving profits. WCRU investment token is now available for purchase via the Swiss company UGPay Group AG.

GFST ShareDrop

Participants of the Global WCRU Portfolio have been given the opportunity to become part of a new portfolio consisting of promising assets from the Fintech industry, such as Global Unit Pay, UnitEx, NDE, FNT, Cryptounit blockchain, and participate in the upcoming Sharedrop FINTECH STO (GFST). GFST is a security token backed by assets from the fast-growing fintech sector, with most projects already having a working product and entering the market.

Who can participate in the GFST ShareDrop and under what conditions?
The GFST ShareDrop will be available to anyone with an account on the Cryptounit blockchain (with a confirmed email address), who owns WCRU security tokens, and who is registered with a Soulbound ID along with purchased and minted SOULB. Only 20% of your WCRU balance will be eligible for the ShareDrop distribution.

For example
, if you have 1000 WCRU, only 200 WCRU will participate in the distribution.

200 WCRU × 0.02857 = 5.7 GFST tokens, where 0.02857 is an approximate coefficient that will depend on the final data after the conversion. The planned GFST price is 10 cents.

The value of GFST will grow due to:
1. Business development — increasing the value of the business and thus the token's value.
2. Supply and demand dynamics.
3. Numerous partnerships.
4. Portfolio expansion and addition of new fintech companies.

CryptoUnit Program

Over 20 Investment Market Segments

  • Health and longevity development sector
  • Education
  • Science sector
  • Culture sector
  • Charity sector

  • Sector of innovative transport development
  • Agriculture and farming development
  • Innovative development sector
  • Sector of non-rocket space exploration and development

  • Stock markets
  • Foreign exchange markets
  • Cryptocurrency markets
  • Banking sector
  • Insurance sector
  • Real estate sector
  • Sector of precious and semi-precious metals
  • Sector of precious and semi-precious stones

  • Sector of entrepreneurial, cooperative and social development
  • Multilevel crowdinvesting development sector
  • Sector of participation in business through co-ownership
  • Mutual funds and equity participation in emerging or existing companies

Who Manages the Portfolio

  • MULTI-PROFILE PROFESSIONAL INVESTOR - Consultant on the conservation, augmentation, and management of private capital.
  • AUTHOR, FOUNDER, AND CEO of the “Academy of a Private Investor”.
  • CREATOR OF THE CRYPTOUNIT PROGRAM - An opportunity to become co-investors of a global investment portfolio operating in many segments of the investment business.
  • BEST COACH AND BUSINESS TRAINER in financial and investment personal development of 2018 according to the MELON RICH magazine and FINANCE TIMES business journal.
  • CHAIRMAN OF THE INVESTMENT COUNCIL of the International Public Association “Worlds Generals – for Peace”. Received the title PEOPLE GENERAL – MAYOR PEACEKEEPER. Awarded the “Dove of Peace” Medal of the International Public Association “Worlds Generals – for Peace”.
  • AWARDED WITH MEDALS. Order of “BUSINESS GLORY” and “BUSINESSMAN OF THE YEAR” in 2018 on the basis of statistical reports of the Federal Statistical Service of Russia.
  • INTRODUCED IN THE ENCYCLOPEDIA “PEOPLE OF OUR MILLENNIUM”. Joined the outstanding leaders of Russia, awarded in the State Duma of the Russian Federation.
  • AUTHOR OF THE CONCEPT NEEW (NEW ECONOMIC EVOLUTION OF THE WORLD). The principles are determined and the mechanisms of functioning of a FAIR ECONOMY are developed.

  • MILA SERDJUKOVA - Chairman of the Presidential Council United Kingdom
  • PETRU JALBE - Cryptounit Program President Moldova
  • ARMAND MURNIEKS - Cryptounit Program President UAE
  • JAMILYA JUSUPBEKOVA - Cryptounit Program President Kazakhstan
  • NINA NHANG NGAUEN - Cryptounit Program President USA
  • DRAGOS STANCIU - Cryptounit Program President Italy

  • ANTON POLEVICH - Producer, Project Manager
  • MAXIM GALINOSVKY - Project Manager
  • ALEXEY SOLOVIEV - Analyst, Blockchain Expert
  • ALEXEY MURAVYOV - Developer, Blockchain Expert
  • DENIS SERGEEV - Developer, Blockchain Expert

Global Investment Portfolio Cryptounit

Global Unit Pay, UnitEx exchange, Cryptounit blockchain, Academy of a Private Investor and New Digital Evolution are among the operating businesses that are part of the Global Investment Portfolio CryptoUnit.

Holders of the security token WCRU are co-owners of this portfolio, which currently comprises more than 60 financial instruments from various segments of the investment market and has a valuation of over $11.6 billion, according to the independent evaluation of Crowe Global.