New Digital Evolution
Digital Guarantee at the Click of a Button

New Digital Evolution (NDE) was created to combine the real economy with the digital one.

New Digital Evolution

The NDE, based on modern blockchain technology, uses tokens as a digital guarantee. It is a synergy between existing digital technologies and the traditional economic world, where WCRU is the active digital guarantee.

Using WCRU as a digital guarantee provides important benefits:

  • active guarantee using the staking app gives you an annual income
  • revaluation of WCRU (forecasted value 1000 $/WCRU by 2024/2029)
  • just a few minutes to fill in user data
  • the system instantly exchanges guarantees between users after the expiration of the contract

New Digital Evolution increases the purchasing power of everyday goods and services by using digital tokens or cryptocurrencies as collateral. It has also created a system that allows to check the rating between users in a secure, confidential and instant way.

As this is primarily a digital share exchange, the reliability and valuation of the assets that will be used in the various guarantees are important. For this purpose is used history associated with the ownership of tokens (digital rating), through which the NDE project allows a counterparty (a supplier of goods and services, a bank or another individual) to verify the situation with digital assets in order to use a digital guarantee.

How the digital guarantee works

Everything is done on the Cryptounit blockchain through smart contracts. Literally blockchain means chain of blocks, and a set of new technologies that use cryptography. The blockchain has high levels of security because it creates transparent, non-modifiable, irreversible and non-eliminable processes, and can be used in all sectors that need absolute system security and reliability.

The smart contract guarantees, in the event of insolvency, the automatic transfer of the tokens placed as collateral to the lender, according to the terms agreed between the parties when signing the smart contract.

In lending and collateral mechanisms, New Digital Evolution uses state-of-the-art Blockchain technology to use security tokens as highly liquid digital collateral, as digital transactions only take a few minutes.

Buying a security token today can be viewed as a long-term investment that offers two immediate benefits:

  • can be used as a guarantee
  • offers opportunities to earn money through staking

New Digital Evolution Professionals

  • Digital Assistant - The Digital Assistant is the professional who assists the client in the various stages of preparation and processing of the tracking on the Cryptounit blockchain.
  • Digital Seller - The Digital Seller is a professional trained and licensed to sell digital products.
  • Digital Manager​ - The Digital Manager is the professional expert in the use of digital tools and is the only one authorized to operate in Cryptounit blockchain to manage, create and sign smart contracts between individuals and legal entities.
  • Digital Admin - The Digital Admin is the professional who has the main task of assisting and supervising the work following the activation of the Smart Contract.

New Digital Evolution Contact Details

Address: Via Silvio Pellico snc 10041 Carignano, Italy
Website: New Digital Evolution