New Digital Evolution

Digital Guarantee at the Click of a Button

New Digital Evolution (NDE) was created to combine the real economy with the digital one.

New Digital Evolution

The NDE, built upon modern blockchain technology, employs tokens as digital guarantees, representing a synergy between established digital technologies and the traditional economic realm. In this context, ArtCoin, soon GFST, and later WCRU function as active digital guarantees.

New Digital Evolution enhances the purchasing power of everyday goods and services by utilizing digital tokens or cryptocurrencies as collateral. Additionally, it has established a secure, confidential, and instant system for checking user ratings.

Given its nature as a digital share exchange, the reliability and valuation of assets used in various guarantees are of paramount importance. To achieve this, the project leverages the history associated with token ownership (digital rating). Through this approach, the NDE project enables counterparties such as suppliers of goods and services, banks, or individuals to verify the status of digital assets, facilitating the utilization of digital guarantees.

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How the Digital Guarantee Works

Every operation is conducted on the blockchain through smart contracts. The term 'blockchain' literally signifies a chain of blocks, encompassing a suite of innovative technologies utilizing cryptography. Due to its ability to establish transparency, immutability, irreversibility, and inerasability, the blockchain offers heightened security and finds utility across sectors necessitating absolute system reliability.

The smart contract ensures that, in the event of insolvency, the tokens utilized as collateral are automatically transferred to the lender. This transfer occurs in accordance with the terms established between the parties at the time of smart contract execution.

In lending and collateral mechanisms, New Digital Evolution employs state-of-the-art Blockchain technology to utilize security tokens as highly liquid digital collateral, as digital transactions are completed within minutes.

Purchasing security tokens today can be seen as a long-term investment with two immediate benefits:

  • They can be used as guarantees.
  • They provide opportunities to earn money through staking.

New Digital Evolution Professionals

  • Digital Assistant - The Digital Assistant is a professional who assists clients in various stages of preparing and processing tracking on the Cryptounit blockchain.
  • Digital Seller (DS) - The Digital Seller is a trained and licensed professional responsible for selling digital products.
  • Digital Manager (DM)​ - The Digital Manager is an expert in digital tools and the sole individual authorized to operate within the Cryptounit blockchain. Their role involves managing, creating, and signing smart contracts between individuals and legal entities.
  • Digital Admin - The Digital Admin's primary responsibility is to assist and supervise work following the activation of the Smart Contract.

New Digital Evolution Contact Details

Address: Via Silvio Pellico snc 10041 Carignano, Italy
Website: New Digital Evolution

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