ArtCoin Token

ArtCoin functions as a cryptocurrency token uniquely tied to exchange-traded assets like artworks, paintings, and sculptures.

ArtCoin Token

These assets are all officially certified and securely registered using Skillchain's Blockchain Technology. This guarantees an unalterable record of the certificate issuer and solidifies it within the public distributed ledger.

Artworks can be seen as safe-haven assets akin to gold, capable of preserving and increasing their value over time. They also offer substantial portfolio diversification in contrast to conventional financial instruments.

ArtCoin ushers in the next generation of tokens, underpinned by the value of artworks. This value appreciates steadily over time, diverging from the price volatility inherent in traditional cryptocurrencies.

The Use ArtCoin Token as Digital Guarantee

The companies Artcoin and NDE have initiated a collaboration and project-sharing effort aimed at launching digital guarantees using the ArtCoin (AC) token for development and enhancement purposes. The ArtCoin Token can serve as a digital guarantee. To take advantage of this opportunity, individuals must purchase the A or M license of NDE during the period when the ArtCoin Token is frozen.

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