Innovation Basalt Technology

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Innovation Basalt Technology

The company Innovation Basalt Technology manufactures basalt fiber with stable characteristics and basalt fiber-based composites using the innovative basalt technologies.

Their manufacturing facilities are located and certified in EU and offer products and services that are recognized and sought-after in the international market.

Innovation Basalt Technology, part of the Global Investment Portfolio Cryptounit, is a growing company that will change the materials market around the world. Basalt is the most acceptable raw material for economical and ecological products based on composite materials. The field of application of basalt is extremely diverse, from textiles to space technologies.

Basalt materials are durable and flame retardant. It is enough to know that the basalt plates lie bunkers in blast furnaces and steel mills, where the molten metal is served. The construction of basalt processing plants can dramatically affect the economies of countries and regions, creating hundreds of thousands of jobs.

Application fields

Physical and mechanical properties, chemical inertness and full recyclability determine the increasingly wider application of basalt fiber in various industries, entertainment and recreation sectors.

Innovation Basalt Technology in Power Engineering
Innovation Basalt Technology in Sports and Recreation
Innovation Basalt Technology in Defense and Protection
Innovation Basalt Technology in Construction
Innovation Basalt Technology in Transport
Innovation Basalt Technology - Industrial Sector


First, the environmentally friendly and easily workable basalt fits successfully into the "eco-friendly" trend, when society cares about the environment.

Second, basalt is used everywhere, replacing most building materials and could become a leader in the markets for building materials, textiles, aviation and helicopters, space technologies and chemical industries. In addition, the company offers innovative solutions: using basalt for the energy sector (solar, wind).

Therefore, Innovation Basalt Technology guarantees a good result with the help of high competitiveness and the absence of environmental consequences.

Experts working for Innovation Basalt Technology are highly experienced and they all have the necessary technical expertise to carry out exploration and research of basalt raw materials in order to determine whether the deposit is suitable for the manufacture of high-quality continuous basalt fiber.

To manufacture high-quality continuous basalt fiber, it is essential to use minerals with a specific chemical and mineral composition. This aspect determines the desired properties of the resulting fibers (thermal, acids and alkali resistance). It is also important to provide correct sampling of the raw material in order to make a representative characterization of the deposit.

The economic success of the project largely depends on the right choice of the closest deposit to the production site, the most accurate estimation of its reserves and characteristics.

Innovation Basalt Technology work sequence:

  1. on-site visit for visual assessment of the field and sampling
  2. laboratory research of basalt raw materials and preliminary assessment
  3. expert evidence on suitability for fiber extrusion
  4. if the preliminary assessment is positive, then follows a trial fiber production
  5. characterization of the obtained fiber with drawing up an expert evidence on the feasibility of CBF manufacture.

Innovation Basalt Technology Fiber Production

Innovation Basalt Technology's proprietary advanced technology process is patented in the EU where production is implemented

Innovation Basalt Technology provides assistance based on a partnership approach that starts with pre-project planning and ends with increasing production operations to the level of capacity needed. Their experience includes:

  • Research of the deposit to determine if the raw materials are suitable for the continuous production of basalt fiber.
  • A pilot project to produce highly demanded continuous basalt fiber products that ensure a quick return on investment which are composite basalt rebar and chopped fiber (with a capacity of 1000 tons / year).
  • Education and training of local staff
  • Design, construction and equipment of a continuous production plant of basalt fiber with a capacity of 2500 tons / year
  • Setting up the production of basalt composite products on the initial structures of the enterprise
  • Design and start-up of subsequent production lines with an annual capacity of 2500-5000 tons and with the prospect of producing fabrics and prepregs in continuous basalt fiber for the needs of the automotive, naval and aeronautical sectors.

Innovation Basalt Technology Lab Research

Innovation Basalt Technology specialists have the skills and ability to carry out a project for the production of basalt flakes, which is used as a mineral laminar filler for wear resistant coatings and composite materials

Tested in different climatic conditions, this type of coating has demonstrated its high performance which is confirmed by specific documents and reports. The operational life of the basalt flake coating in a tropical climate such as Havana or Hanoi is at least 16 years, in the conditions of the far north, for example, Tyumen, it is at least 15 years.

The basalt flake coating was tested as a protection for ship structures, bridges and pipelines; an underbody of a car; galvanic baths.

The rough and wear-resistant surface of the coating (decks, airstrips, helicopter platforms on ships, floors, steps) performs a double function: it is a reliable corrosion protection that ensures safe operation, preventing slipping.


According to the report released by the consulting agency Global Market Insights, the global basalt fiber market size is expected to reach $ 400 million by 2025. The production of different types of basalt fibers and basalt fiber composites favors the demand from most industries for these economical products with adequate physical and mechanical properties and offers the possibility of establishing closed-loop production facilities with a minimum footprint.

Innovation Basalt Technology

Basalt deposits are found all over the world contributing to the establishment of basalt fiber production facilities on all continents and to intensive research into how basalt fiber can be used and where it can be implemented. The global manufacturing base is not yet ready to meet the growing demand for basalt fiber, so accelerating the construction of continuous basalt fiber production facilities has become the main task to saturate the market.

Innovation Basalt Technology experts have developed and implemented an updated and energy efficient design for the creation of a facility for the continuous production of basalt fibers and basalt composites. It is based on proven technology that was developed by the Research Center of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and has been protected by numerous patents. The resulting continuous basalt fiber has stable characteristics and meets the declared high quality.



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