Genius of Finance
Game Training on Financial Literacy

"Genius of Finance" is a game training that aims to educate people on financial literacy.

"Genius of Finance" is a game training that aims to educate people on financial literacy

The game is designed in such a way that each player can act as an entrepreneur, as a participant in the startup or as an owner of a company`s share. Each player learns to create their own financial portfolio with the aim of determining the best investment strategies.

Lear to Think Like an Investor

Very often people, when faced with the investment question, feel confused and immediately think that investments are not for them. Without a financial education this is completely understandable.

Let's exactly see What "Genius of Finance" can do for you

This is a training game that simulates your life and shows your weak points. It focuses on building a balanced investment portfolio and capital accumulation. Therefore, the game develops an investor mindset. By playing it you can master your financial literacy and start the path from poverty to wealth.

The "Genius of Finance" will be useful to all those who seriously think about saving and capital accumulation and also want to master the mechanisms of the market to achieve the planned financial result.

The Distinctiveness of "Genius of Finance"

To become a pro, you need to train and play multiple times. You have to change your strategy every time due to the large number of situations during the game, which is structured in a way that even children can play it. It is quite remarkable that children learn very quickly and absorb the knowledge that will save their financial future.

Playing the "Genius of Finance" is actually easy and fun and clearly shows you where, how and when to apply your acquired knowledge and is suitable for people with different backgrounds, even complete beginners. In a few hours of play, financial strategies can be modeled for the next 10-15 years.

The game reflects real-world opportunities where the player studies various areas of the market and acquires the skills of business negotiation and research of funding sources for their business. Unlike its counterparts, the game focuses on forming the investor mindset. The game helps to overcome the mental distortion and the player begins to see objectively and without evaluating his position and the situation in the market as a whole.

As the world of finance is changing rapidly, the game is being updated, new features are added constantly and is translated into 10 languages.

The Value of "Genius of Finance"

  • Take risks only with the means of play, to then implement the experience gained in real life
  • Develop strategic thinking
  • Know your skill gaps - what skills they need to be
  • Understand your success strategy
  • Clearly and competently state your plans
  • Develop your decision-making skills in stressful situations
  • Work out the boldest strategies
  • Understanding the principles and laws of a market economy
  • Decide where and how you can invest in real life
  • Increase your creativity in finding new job options
  • Get an opportunity for additional earnings

Every Game Has Rules

At the beginning, the player receives a profession card with the corresponding costs and by playing he passes through the development circle from which he tries to enter the circle of success. The goal of the game is "to have a much higher passive income than when you enter the circle of success". After mastering the "Genius of Finance" game, questions such as how to get out of debts, start a business or create an investment portfolio will disappear. You can find out more about rules here.

"Genius of Finance" Game Can Be a Great Gift Idea

"Genius of Finance" Game Can Be a Great Gift Idea

The game has a modern design, elegant packaging and has been translated into 10 languages. It is a useful gift for those who are committed to personal development, want to achieve financial success and have fun.

Where to Buy "Genius of Finance"

In real life the research of all the investment opportunities clearly requires money, but when playing "Genius of Finance", it will be enough just to play and understand how it works. Buy the game here.