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About Projects of the Global Investment Portfolio Cryptounit


The CryptoUnit Program provides an opportunity to become a co-owner of the Global Investment Portfolio Cryptounit, which works in all segments and sectors of the investment market. The program uses a blockchain system and smart contracts, which ensures reliability, stability, and security.

The development of the Cryptounit program includes three parts. The launch was in March 30, 2019.
• Part I - the pre-opening of the project was divided into 8 stages in 2019.
• Part II - Free circulation of the CryptoUnit token with other fiat and crypto-currencies.
• Part III - is the global merchandising of the CryptoUnit, which is based on assets of all sectors and market segments ending 2023/2029. Learn more here.


UGPay Group AG is a company registered with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and incorporated in Switzerland, one of the most prestigious jurisdictions in the world among the largest asset management and investment companies, as well as the world's leading banks. UGPay Group is the issuer, holder and seller of the WCRU investment token.

It is a unique project that allows anyone to become a co-owner of the global investment portfolio.


Global Unit Pay is a payment system based on blockchain technologies that allows you to work with any form of money, cryptocurrencies and digital assets when paying for goods and services.

At Global Unit Pay you will have access to:
• virtual and physical cards with low rates for making any daily payments
• personal IBAN accounts
• a convenient personal account where you can carry out transactions without using additional services
• buying, selling and holding digital assets
• IBAN accounts for legal entities offer the ability to use internet acquiring, accept and pay for B2B, B2C, C2C funds, issue branded cards and API integration

Get more details about Global Unit Pay here.

FNT is a utility-token from Global Unit Pay. The collected funds from FNT sales are used to obtaining a crypto banking license and covering the costs of developing the platform.

To pass verification, you must provide the required documents. All data in the documents provided must be filled in Latin. Make sure all four corners are clearly visible when scanning (copy, photo) the document. The document must be of good quality, easy to read, and all data must be clear. Such documents must contain the client's name, address and be no older than 2 months at the time of submission of the documents.

For proof of identity, provide a passport containing your photo and details in English. Only customers from the following countries can be verified with a driver's license: Canada, United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia.

Provide one of the following documents to verify your address:
• utility bill (water, electricity, gas);
• official document on wages from the employer;
• insurance statement;
• tax document;
• certificate of residence.

Don't worry about this. After successfully verifying your documents that you submitted for verification, all your incorrect personal information in your profile will be changed in accordance with the identity document that you submitted for verification.

Use the instructions on how to top up an account in the Global Unit Pay payment system in various ways:
• through a bank in Europe (SEPA Transfer)
• via bank card (Visa/Mastercard)
• regular bank transfer (Bank Transfer)
• digital assets top up (Trading Desk)

All documents related to verification must be submitted in a specially designated section of your account in the Global Unit Pay payment system. You cannot send documents for verification neither via the support service nor by e-mail.

If your account in the Global Unit Pay payment system is not verified, contact support and ask to deactivate your account. After completely deleting your information, you will be able to register with the correct email address. Keep in mind: if you have already passed verification using the mail you want to change, then you will not need to deactivate your account. Our specialists will change the email address in the already verified account. It may take 36-48 hours to process your support request.

Having an ID card (identity card) in your country is not enough to have an international bank account number (IBAN) - you need a passport for this. If your country does not have passports, then you need to issue an international passport.

When registering, use the most complex password with a length of at least 8 characters, which includes Latin letters (at least 1 uppercase and 1 lowercase), numbers and symbols (example of characters: +=&^%$#@!).

Only clients aged 18 and over are eligible to register in the system and undergo full verification.

A criminal record clearing form is the legal removal and deletion of a personal criminal record from the National Criminal Register.

To correct your profile data, contact their support team by email and ask to reset your profile form so that you can fill in the correct information.

Contact their support team. Provide the technicians with your User ID and payment confirmation. Specialists will be able to track your payment and find out at what stage the top up is.

It usually takes 72 working hours to verify documents. But, due to the large volume of documents submitted for verification, this process may take longer.

Contact their support, specialists will help you change your contact number. Note that your question will be answered within 72 business hours.

Your account will become active when the verification process of all your documents is complete. The verification result will be sent to you by e-mail.

Yes, to resolve all issues, you must contact the Global Unit Pay support service. Use this video instruction if necessary.


There are 4 Cryptounit Program tokens: WCRU, CRU, UNTB and USDU, but other companies created many other tokens for their business needs. See details on the blockchain.

• The cryptounit program itself uses a blockchain system and smart contracts, which ensures reliability, stability, and security.
• Operates on the EOS engine and uses a consensus algorithm called DPoS (Delegated Proof-of-Stake).
• The programming language used to deploy the client / node is C / C ++.
• Block generation time: 0.5 seconds.
• Block size: up to 10,000 transactions.
• There is no commission when transferring a token.
• The native CRYPTOUNIT network token is called UNTB, which stands for UNIT TOKEN OF BLOCKCHAIN.
• Ticker: UNTB.
• UNTB emission ends March 2030.
• More info on Cryptounit Blockchain page.

World Cryptounit or WCRU is not a coin. It is a Security Token. A typical crypto coin, like Bitcoin, is unregulated and does not have asset-based security. The registrar of the WCRU security token is UGPay Group which is registered in Switzerland.

WCRU is a security token backed by the assets of the Global Investment Portfolio in many segments of the real and digital economies. The future prospects of the portfolio depend on the success of the development of the directions included in its composition.

The absolute freeze time for algorithm 1 (tokens that the user bought directly): 300 days, for algorithm 2 (tokens that were accrued in the form of bonuses): 545 days. A total of 35 distribution cycles. Period between distribution cycles: 30 days.

Buying WCRU for CRU is always available, but you should be aware of the high commission for this operation at the moment. We recommend waiting until April 2024 and making a purchase on preferential terms, the commission will be only 1% of the WCRU price on 07/07/2021 and equal to $0.035.

The discounted purchase will be available in April 2024. The commission for the purchase will be 1% of the WCRU price on 07/07/2021 and equal to $0.035.

There is no such need, but if you wish and for your own peace of mind, you can create several wallets and redistribute your assets.
The main rule for protecting cryptocurrencies is the safe storage of SEED phrases. Keep multiple copies in different places: on paper, in a password-protected archive or encrypted container on your computer, flash memory card, or in the cloud. Never take a picture of a SEED phrase with a smartphone camera (many applications have access to files on your device) and do not transfer it in correspondence in instant messengers, social networks or via e-mail.

UNTB is the system technical token of the Cryptounit blockchain, with which customers can enjoy all the benefits of the network. It is an indispensable assistant in creating business accounts.
UNTB holders have several options for using their tokens, taking into account the chosen strategy:
• staking UNTB for NET/CPU and benefit from Cryptounit blockchain tools
• buy RAM
• keep coins in anticipation of price growth with a long-term investment strategy
• sell on cryptocurrency exchanges

In this case, the easiest way to buy CRU tokens for you will be using the payment system Global Unit Pay. For this you need to:
• Create and verify an account (if not already done)
• Top up your account in fiat currency USD or EUR
• Buy USDU with foreign exchange assets
• Exchange USDU to CRU

UNTB tokens are generated every time a new block is created on the blockchain. According to tokenomics, 40% of UNTB emission is allocated to CRU and WCRU staking.

You can exchange UNTB for stablecoins with the subsequent exchange for fiat funds in a way convenient for you: withdraw to the card through the functionality of the exchange, through exchangers or P2P-exchange.


The Academy of a Private Investor is one of the best online investment education and training projects for private investors. The goal of the project is to give students the best knowledge in the field of personal finance management and investing in order to preserve and increase capital. Find out more on the Academy here.

The Academy of a Private Investor provides people who are striving to reach a new level of financial well-being with valuable and useful information, thereby helping them discover the science of investing. API courses are designed for almost all age groups, from beginners to experienced students, because anyone, regardless of age, can master the basics of investing and improve in this direction.

The "Invest Consultant + Profi Investor Program" is a completely new approach in investment education, training of private professional investors and independent investment consultants. The program is currently available for purchase on the Academy of Private Investment website.


"Genius of Finance" is a transformative financial education game training that aims to educate people on financial literacy. The game is designed in such a way that each player can act as a business owner, an owner of a share in a large company and/or a startup participant. Each player learns to create their own financial portfolio, determine the best investment strategies for development and preservation.

The business simulator teaches financial literacy, capital accumulation, develops investment thinking, helps to create a financial strategy and shows the possibilities of obtaining an additional source of income.


UnitEx is a cryptocurrency exchange that adhers to the principles of integrity and innovation. Their mission is to provide a unique trading experience for their clients that enables them to have the most seamless execution of their trades. UnitEx is registered in Tallinn, Estonia and provides an online cryptocurrency exchange service. Find out more about UnitEx.

No deposit fees. All your deposits credited to your account for free in a quick and easy way. Secure trading, depositing and withdrawing. They facilitate hundreds of thousands of transactions every day through their secure platform, and work to the highest standards to guarantee your privacy. 24/7 support. Their customer experience team is on hand around the clock to answer your questions. Approximate reply waiting time 2-24 hours.

The term for consideration of an application in manual mode can take up to 14 days. You may be asked to re-register in this case, please make sure that you do everything correctly. Refusal of verification may be caused by the fact that you are a citizen or live in a country where there is a conflict zone or a country under sanctions or a ban on registration in the European Union. Such countries today are Afghanistan, Crimea / Sevastopol, Cuba, Gaza Strip, Iran, Iraq, Korea DPR, South Sudan, Sudan, Syrian Arab Republic and Venezuela. It can also be that your name coincided with the name of another person who is a public person: a politician, deputy or civil servant, and a manual check in this case is required.

The main reason for refusing ID card verification that this document is not an official international document. To confirm the identity, only a passport or ID card suitable for traveling abroad is accepted, in other words - an international travel document. Birth certificates and passports in the form of paper brochures printed on a printer without state-recognized security equipment are also not suitable and cannot be verified. Driver's licenses are not valid for most countries except UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

No, for security reason each user registered on UnitEx should pass Global Pass verification. Global Pass is a smart automated compliance tool, which provides high quality for ID verification. Consist of 5 stages of the verification process:
1. Welcome Page
2. Face Recording
3. Identity Check
4. Address verification
5. Confirmation and Success

As Global Unit Pay and UnitEx are located in different jurisdictions (Lichtenstein and EU) these companies have different regulations, and verification in one of them does not mean automatic acceptance in another.

New password not allowing to login. Make sure your Login is correct. If the password does not fit, then you need to check the following:
1. Check your keyboard layout, you need English, not your national language.
2. Check if CapsLock is disabled. Pay attention to points such as the number 0 and the letter O. And also a capital letter I from a small i and a small l from a capital L.
3. Try to log in from another Browser (Opera / Chrome / Firefox). Clear your browser cache and reset your password in your browser settings.
4. Check if VPN is enabled
5. Check devices for viruses.
6. Check if there is a block or connection ban.

1. Use the service of changing or recovering the password and, if it did not work out, then
2. Send a letter to their technical support. You will be sent detailed instructions on how to recover or change the password.

The term for crediting or withdrawing funds within the limits occurs immediately after the required number of confirmations of the blockchain network, the time for manual processing takes up to 72 hours. If you made a deposit less than the required minimum it won't be credited to your account. Also, it is not possible to make a refund because of blockchain fees.

You can provide confirmation screens from your personal account or from the exchange website, or a Bank Statement.

Do not use public WiFi networks on devices that are connected to the exchange. Do not buy cryptocurrency in questionable places.

If your application was not executed or hung, but at the same time a commission was taken from you, then you need to write to their technical support.

Memo, or Destination Tag, comment to the payment - an additional option of the address in the details, required to be filled. It is a prerequisite for crediting funds to the recipient. Without fulfilling this condition, the cryptocurrency simply will not reach the addressee. To resolve this issue, contact their Support.

When entering the address of the crypto wallet, you need to be extremely careful. If at least 1 character is entered incorrectly, then the transaction will not be sent at best and the system will report that the address does not exist, or you will transfer funds to another user and this operation will be irreversible.

A market order is an order to buy or sell immediately. This type of order guarantees that the order will be executed, but does not guarantee the execution price. A limit order is an order to buy or sell at a specific price set by customer. The fulfillment price of a market order may not correspond to the requested price due to its high volatility on the market. Always check orderbook before market order placement.

You need to click on a cancel button at the end of each order.

Suspended TX means, that due to exceeded limits or suspicious activity it will be checked manually by UnitEx Compliance Team.

Confirmed status means, that UnitEx received your request for withdrawal, but it’s not paid out yet. It might take up to 12 hours until transaction will be actually paid out.

Contact your card provider or check with your bank to find out the reasons for payment not going through. Payment is not restricted by UnitEx.

Rights to receive such information from verified persons is provided by the anti-terrorism act and European directive for money laundering. According to the last law which was passed in the Estonian Republic, under whose jurisdiction UnitEx is working, their Compliance Team must provide applicable check for official source of income deposited once it reached 10.000 USD amount. At the moment checks are completed, you will able to make deposits, trading and withdrawals, according to the existing platform limits.

Of course you can, but bear in mind, that you might be asked to provided P2P agreement.

Yes, you can, but you should have the certificate from Academy of a private investor.

Two-factor authentication is a method of user identification, in which two different methods of data authentication are used simultaneously, which makes it possible to effectively protect an account from hacking. You need a mobile phone working on Android or iOS, with a special one-time code generator application. Google Authenticator applications can be downloaded from the Play Market and App Store. It can also be installed on Windows in the Chrome Browser using an extension and on Windows Phone.

When setting up your 2FA in the first instance it is advisable to keep a copy of your QR code or 2FA text so that you can manually input back into your new phone and keep going otherwise you can create ticket in UnitEx Help Center.


Unitsky String Technologies is located in Minsk, Belarus.

Alternatives and possible competitors to Unitsky String Technologies may include Rhode Island Department of Transportation, Elettrotecnica Sebina, and TESSO-Center.

An investor transfers funds to Sky World Community, entering into the convertible loan agreement with it. You can view the sample contract in your Sky World Community office in the section "My investments" on the "Documents"page.

Concluding the convertible loan agreement, the investor, if desired, signs the requirement, according to which, he/she immediately becomes the co-owner of the company and the co-owner of the SkyWay technology. If he does not sign the requirement, then he/she provides his funds under the terms of the loan: he/she can get it back within 3 years at a profit of up to 4%. After the conclusion of the agreement, if the investor signs the requirement, his/her data are transferred to the ERSSH III fund for the registration of their shares.

36.67% of GTI preference shares are transferred to ERSSH III. The Preferred Shares are included in the share capital of ERSSH III and on their basis, the fund issues its ordinary-shares. In this way, the ERSSH III fund will be guaranteed receiving a percentage of GTI's's profits. These funds will be paid to investors in the form of dividends, or, by general voting, may be used, for example, to reinvest in another SkyWay infrastructure project.

The shares are registered on the basis of convertible loan agreement and the requirement, signed by the investor. After paying the investment package, concluding the agreement and signing the requirement, Sky World Community sends the investor's data to ERSSH III. ERSSH III shares become the property of the investor, and the investor's data is entered in ERSSH III share register. From this moment, the investor can receive an official extract from the register, confirming his ownership of the shares.

Investor’s funds are transferred to GTI (an investment transfer object) for use in the development of the SkyWay technology:
• The development of the EcoTechnoPark - the Testing, Demonstration and Certification Centre for the SkyWay transport and infrastructure systems. There have been constructed 5 types of tracks in the EcoTechnoPark with more than ten types of vehicles running on them;
• The extension of its own production facilities, with more than 700 specialists currently employed;
• Promoting international projects. In 2018, there began the construction of the SkyWay Centre in the United Arab Emirates. The Centre will be a demonstration site of the string transport for the Middle East region and a functioning transport line. The future SkyWay park will cover over 50 ha.


The New Digital Evolution (NDE), relying on modern blockchain technology, uses tokens as a digital guarantee. It is a synergy between “existing digital technologies” and the “traditional economic world”, where WCRU are “active” digital guarantees.

The NDE product is ready and running. Smart contracts have been launched and the synchronization has been completed. Partners can already use NDE services and loans can be issued to each other with a guarantee of WCRU, CRU, UNTB and USDU tokens.


Yes, EvoScent makes part of the Global Investment Portfolio Cryptounit.

EvoScent is a young project created in collaboration with the renowned Spanish perfumer Ramon Bejar. The main product is "The Highest", a unique and original masterpiece of perfumery.


uGain is a digital platform for small and medium-sized businesses, as well as shopping malls and chains, designed to bring entrepreneurs and consumers together. It allows customers and partners to save money and create an additional source of income, and also helps entrepreneurs digitize their customer base, get to know their customers and give them what they are looking for, thereby reducing advertising costs and increasing the company’s turnover.
The company is currently looking for a project manager for this area.