Investment Consultant Video Course
For a Respected and Highly Paid Profession of the Future

Investment Consultant Video Course, because people are in need of investment advice.

Investment Consultant Video Course

Investing is an integral part of the development of society in the modern world and the investment consultant specialization is becoming an increasingly popular and extremely promising profession.

According to the statistics, there are around 1000 clients per Investment Consultant. However, an investment consultant or advisor can provide services to no more than 60-80 regular clients per year. This means that the profession of Investment Advisor is not only in high demand, but also one of the most respected and highly paid.

The Investment Consultant Video Course from the Academy of a Private Investor offers a completely new approach for the preparation of highly qualified specialists in all sectors of the investment market:

  • blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies market. The graduate becomes able to operate in the markets and achieve up to 25 times better results than traditional consultants and advisors.
  • stock and foreign exchange markets
  • venture investments and complex investment programs
  • The results are visible in 3-15 months of practical action with the income of $5,000 to $50,000 per month.

Course instructors are certified investment advisors and trainers in international business and personal finance management with many years of practical experience like, for example Valery Petrov, who was member of the Supervisory Board at VTB Bank, JSC Finam and more than 10 other large companies. He successfully participated in organizing and conducting classic IPOs, SPOs, and digital ICOs, IEOs, IFOs, IAOs, STOs, NFTs.

The Investment Consultant Video Course is ideal for those who believe that investing and investment advice can become their life's work and want to learn not only innovative technologies in investing, but being and communicating in a team of like-minded people who are tuned into their piece of the "investment pie" to the tune of hundreds of trillions of dollars.

If you have just embarked on investment science studies, you can now start rewriting your family history, as the profession of Investment Consultant will be the highest paid specialization in the world in the coming years.

More information on the Investment Consultant Video Course can be found on the Academy of a Private Investor educational website.

What does the Investment Consultant Video Course teach you

A student acquires skills that can be immediately apply in practice. Here is a short list:

  • Top 10 investment markets to work with your potential clients.
  • What is the market demand for investment consulting in the next 2-10 years.
  • How to create and plan a personal brand of an Investment consultant correctly.
  • How to create an additional income from 50% to 300% to your current salary.
  • Risk levels that need to be shown to the client when making a decision.
  • Investing strategies that are separately suitable for each and every client.
  • What are the pitfalls when working with clients.
  • Real estate markets and how to work with them in investment consulting.
  • Digital guarantees and technologies of the new digital economy.
  • Creation of a client base that will allow you to retire in 4-8 years with a fairly high income from your investments.
  • PR and marketing, the basics of building a rapidly growing customer base.
  • Artificial intelligence in investing.

Results of the Investment Consultant Video Course

The result is the acquisition of the investment capacity, theoretical knowledge and practical experience that allow you to obtain a stable and constantly growing income from consulting and the creation of a personal investment portfolio in about a year.

You learn to distinguish pyramid schemes from profitable offers, understand the essence of the modern financial system and choose the best offers for your personal investment portfolio.

After studying all the materials, it is necessary to pass the test with more than 80% correct answers to receive the Investment Consultant Certificate, which gives the possibility to carry out financial and even educational consulting activities.

To get more details on the Investment Consultant Video Course, visit the educational website from the Academy of a Private Investor.