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EvoScent - The Highest Collection

EvoScent - The Highest Collection

The EvoScent Highest Collection consists of 8 unique fragrances, each of which has its own unique concept and its own series of scents.

8 types of delightful perfumes in the set have a special meaning, because the number 8 represents the symbol of infinity. They evoke the ultimate never ending prosperity, encompassing a whole world with a wide range of flavors. Each fragrance in this collection has been carefully selected from thousands of them based on the concept of “high perfumery”.

EvoScent is a wonderful whirlpool of energy, sublime collection of fragrances that combine craftsmanship and luxury which strives for endless beauty, because beauty itself is the source of prosperity.

The idea of ​​creating luxurious perfumes belongs to the Spanish master of "high perfumery" Ramon Béjar, who has invested all his life`s experience in the EvoScent collection, creating an unsurpassed olfactory pleasure exclusively for members of the Cryptounit program.

Béjar has created a wide range of perfumes which has evolved due to increasing requests from international clients and inspiration received by his design team and has lead to the creation of original, refined and multicultural perfumes. In 2015, at the World’s Most Expensive Perfume Singapore Grand Prix, the most expensive perfume until that date was auctioned for 190,000 USD. It was “The Royalé Dream” created by Ramón Béjar.

Currently, the perfume world is over-saturated with banality, and EvoScent wants to become an example for new perfumes which, in addition to making big profits, also takes into account those more subtle and spiritual aspects that were forgotten by traditional perfumes.

With the EvoScent Highest Collection Ramon Béjar surpassed his limits

EvoScent perfume EvorichEvorich - Strong and flexible at the same time. Inspires confidence and evoke hope for the future. Heart of roses, geranium, peach, musk, amber, davana and bergamot are all magnificently dressed with the natural essence of tuberose flower. The result is of one of the most exquisite perfumes.
EvoScent perfume GreatnessGreatness - The name defines the greatness of this perfume. Like in EvoScent Evorich perfume, heart of roses, geranium, peach, a base of musk and amber, davana, bergamot and the natural essence of tuberose are used to create one of the most elegant perfumes.

EvoScent perfume TantricTantric - A symphony of fruity, floral and woody notes define the characteristics of this powerful and sensual fragrance that opens us to the wonderful fertility of our planet. With a center of cedar and musk wood, bathed in peony, white jasmine, roses and iris, explodes with tamarind, grapefruit and mango.
EvoScent perfume ParadigmaParadigma - From a millenary fragrance with contemporary shades, the paradigm of a new olfactory experience is born. Ambergris, labdanum absolute and benzoin resin becomes the core of this perfume, which wrapped in styrax and violet with an atmosphere of ambretta and elemi seed oils, leads us on a pilgrimage to our origin and destination.

EvoScent perfume Fifth ElementFifth Element - This fragrance, beyond any parameter, is a unique creation inspired by the magic and invisibility of the ether. From its core of white amber and cedar wood, flows a magma of black pepper, incense and clouds of smoke that reveals itself through a powerful metallic notes combined with the subtlety of the fruits of the garden of the Hesperides. A perfume that brings us closer to the limits of the known.
EvoScent perfume BasaltBasalt - Just as the columns of fire turn into stone, the materials that make up this perfume soak our skin with strength and warmth. With a background of ambergris, patchouli and leather notes, a heart of incense, thyme and cedar emerges to manifest itself through saffron, bergamot and cardamom. An intense fragrance that shrouds us in an aura of deep mystery.

EvoScent perfume Dynamic GoldDynamic Gold - The olfactory frequency of gold could be imagined in the dynamism of this aquatic, green and aromatic perfume that generates clouds of mandarin, bergamot and rhubarb, releases drops of roses and lotus flower and reveals a secret heart of fig tree and musk. An expansion of aromas that dazzles us with its golden light.
EvoScent perfume Wealthy SpiritWealthy Spirit - The spirit of wealth can only be accompanied by the most luxurious and valuable materials that nature offers us, only accessible to a very knowledgeable elite. The core of vetiver and musk, surrounded by white jasmine, ylang ylang oil and violet with a flash of bergamot and iris absolute open the doors of true wealth. The depth and majesty of the dry note of the iris evokes opulence and prosperity.

With EvoScent Highest Collection one can really increase the self-esteem, thus improving the quality of life and enjoy the moments it offers. To order the Collection, please visit the EvoScent website.