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Coinset is a platform where entrepreneurs can bring their innovative ideas to life. It provides an environment where they can find partners, investors, and support for their projects. New technologies like blockchain, artificial intelligence, and many others are changing the rules of the game and opening countless opportunities for business development.

Soulbound ID

Soulbound ID is a groundbreaking blockchain-based digital identity solution that revolutionizes interactions within the Stobox Ecosystem. The Soulbound ID provides a single, compliant, and user-friendly access point for a wide range of security tokens and services, making the world of tokenization and digital assets more accessible than ever before. See detailed step-by-step instructions.

Arbitrage Opportunity Tech

Arbitrage Opportunity Tech is an arbitrage bot and AI strategy platform designed for individuals seeking excellent results in the crypto market. By perfecting and incorporating unique functions, the platform has amalgamated the best features of various AI and arbitrage proprietary bots. These bots operate in all crypto markets, consistently capturing the most advantageous opportunities available.


UnitEx is a cryptocurrency trading platform with a reliable storage and high speed data flow. It is highly regulated and the best cryptocurrency exchange to buy or sell CRU or UNTB tokens. 

FNT exchange

FNT is a cutting-edge fintech company with exceptional expertise in the cryptocurrency market. As the B2C extension of its partner, Global Unit Pay, a Swiss Neo bank that has been providing B2B fintech solutions on blockchain for over 2.5 years, FNT benefits from their experience and offers its innovative trading platform.

Global Unit Pay

Global Unit Pay is a Swiss based payment system - simple, reliable and secure. Global Unit Pay can be linked to UnitEx exchange (watch the video) to make deposits and withdrawals.


ArtCoin token is designed to be pegged to exchange-traded assets such as artworks, paintings, and sculptures. It represents the next generation of tokens with guaranteed value backed by artworks, which appreciate over time without undergoing the price fluctuations typical of traditional cryptocurrencies.