We Started Investing When We Were 25

by Briannah

We are so grateful for this opportunity. When myself and partner started when we were 25 we had no idea how the financial world worked, we never learnt about it at school.

We are forever grateful for the 8 rules of a private investor, it taught us how to invest, create a financial plan, protection and how to set up for your future. Thank you so much to everyone involved and teaching us so many lessons in life.

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The most humble and genuine power couple right here
by: Aidan Ward

Being Ray's mate interstate was good
Meeting Briannah and being her friend was great
But living with them both for the last 15 months has been INCREDIBLE.

Some of the big brain plays these two have is simply next level, and when you ask them what their secret is, their answer is always "8 rules and the education of AK"

My success couldn't have happened without their friendship and sounding board and i owe ALOT of it to both Briannah and Ray

Kudos to you both
by: Samo Janezic

What an inspiring testimonial! It's truly remarkable how a lack of formal financial education didn't deter you and your partner from embarking on your investment journey at such a young age. The fact that you found guidance and learned crucial financial principles through the 8 rules of private investors is a testament to your determination and the power of accessible knowledge. Your story reinforces the importance of continuous learning and the impact it can have on shaping a secure financial future.

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