UGPay Group AG
Issuer, Holder and Seller of WCRU Security Tokens

UGPay Group AG is a company under the Swiss jurisdiction that invests in many sectors of the economy.

UGPay Group AGUGPay provides a legally transparent scheme of interaction with tax authorities of any jurisdiction

UGPay Group Goals

The company’s goal is to provide advice, marketing and sales of services and products in the information technology and finance sectors. UGPay Group will develop and sell software as well as provide consulting and IT services and work with crypto assets, digital and blockchain technologies.

The main goal of the UGPay Group is to increase corporate value and support shareholders and management in the research and implementation of key activities, including the assistance of international industry experts. Strategy development and document creation based on international databases and on previously mentioned service experts to understand trends in specific sectors that determine the future of our customers.

UGPay Group is also the seller of WCRU security tokens.

GFST ShareDrop

Participants of the Global WCRU Portfolio have been given the opportunity to become part of a new portfolio consisting of promising assets from the Fintech industry, such as Global Unit Pay, UnitEx, NDE, FNT, Cryptounit blockchain, and participate in the upcoming Sharedrop FINTECH STO (GFST). GFST is a security token backed by assets from the fast-growing fintech sector, with most projects already having a working product and entering the market.

Who can participate in the GFST ShareDrop and under what conditions?
The GFST ShareDrop will be available to anyone with an account on the Cryptounit blockchain (with a confirmed email address), who owns WCRU security tokens, and who is registered with a Soulbound ID along with purchased and minted SOULB. Only 20% of your WCRU balance will be eligible for the ShareDrop distribution.

For example
, if you have 1000 WCRU, only 200 WCRU will participate in the distribution.

200 WCRU × 0.02857 = 5.7 GFST tokens, where 0.02857 is an approximate coefficient that will depend on the final data after the conversion. The planned GFST price is 10 cents.

The value of GFST will grow due to:
1. Business development — increasing the value of the business and thus the token's value.
2. Supply and demand dynamics.
3. Numerous partnerships.
4. Portfolio expansion and addition of new fintech companies.

Mission of UGPay Group

UGPay is in favor of energy efficient and environmentally friendly technologies and industries, which are designed to become the beginning of a new economy. It is developing various sectors of the economy in different regions of the world, thereby improving the economic situation in these regions and increasing the level of human well-being. Through the introduction of blockchain technology, it creates a new environmentally friendly, safe and highly profitable economic environment.

UGPay Group Advantages

  • High demand for token - The security token WCRU, which is offered by UGPay Group, is in great demand.
  • Transparent scheme - Registered in Switzerland, it provides its users with a legally transparent scheme of interaction with tax authorities of any jurisdiction.
  • Own blockchain - Developed its own blockchain to tokenize its assets.

The WCRU Security token gives its owners 3 types of Income

  1. Staking - Placing WCRU tokens on a crypto wallet to receive a reward in the form of UNTB. UNTB is a technical token that gives access to network resources such as RAM memory, CPU processing power and or NET speed.
  2. Dividends - credited monthly to the owners of WCRU in proportion to the number of tokens from the profit that the company receives from any of its businesses in any of the investment sectors.
  3. WCRU shares - The appraised value of the portfolio is skyrocketing, giving rise to the price of each WCRU digital share.

The Main Directions of the Investment Portfolio

Important to Know

UGPay Group AG
  1. UGPay Group AG finances a pool of projects in various sectors of the economy. The WCRU is a digital share (security token) of the company.
  2. UGPay Group AG gives you the opportunity to become a co-owner of a global investment portfolio, which includes more than 20 business sectors in the investment market.
  3. UGPay Group AG is registered in Switzerland.
  4. Working in the high-tech market, UGPay Group AG strives to bring benefits to the community and provide investors and professional market participants with a tool for stable and reliable earnings on a proven business model.

UGPay Group AG Services

  1. Research & Analytics - UGPay Group constantly monitors 30 key industries and markets within the EU, allowing to follow the latest changes in the financial world and help their clients remain at a competitive edge.
  2. Strategic advisory - UGPay Group's primary goal is to increase business value and support shareholders and management in finding and implementing key tasks, including international industry experts assistance. Developing strategies and creating documents based on international databases and previously mentioned assistance experts to understand the trends in specific industries determining our customers' future.
  3. Project Management - UGPay Group Project Management involves a local advisor in implementing an investment project that allows accomplishing many tasks. Their Project Manager knows the market specifics and has a well-established relationship with various partners and organisations within the country.
  4. Feasibility studies & Business plans - UGPay Group will perform feasibility studies and assist you with the development of business plans. These documents are a necessity for evaluating the effectiveness of a project and deciding on its feasibility. The previously mentioned documents will help you solve, achieve project financing, and decide on medium and long-term strategies. As a result, you will have at your disposal a feasibility study and or business plan developed in line with international standards and based on banking requirements, market analysis, justification of assumptions and a detailed financial model with a multi-year forecast.
  5. Investor support - UGPay Group provides support to local as well as foreign investors. Our team advises on preparing the most optimal project structure, considering the industry specifics and supporting the investor's interests. Implementation of greenfield projects requires an integrated approach to determine the future outcome of the investment project and its effectiveness for owners. Implementing brownfield projects, including privatisation, follows a different process. Implementing brownfield projects requires an understanding of the relationships within the industry and the (inter) relationships and functioning of the target companies.

Global Investment Portfolio Cryptounit

Global Unit Pay, UnitEx exchange, Cryptounit blockchain, Academy of a Private Investor and New Digital Evolution are among the operating businesses that are part of the Global Investment Portfolio CryptoUnit.

Holders of the security token WCRU are co-owners of this portfolio, which currently comprises more than 60 financial instruments from various segments of the investment market and has a valuation of over $11.6 billion, according to the independent evaluation of Crowe Global.

Contact UGPay Group for an initial consultation without obligation

Address: Bahnhofstrasse 21, 6300 Zug, Switzerland
Telephone: +41 79 201 0223
Сompany Founder: Andrey Khovratov
Chief Executive Officer: Yury Persikau