Conversion CRU to WCRU

Conversion From a Utility to Security Token

Why convert CRU to WCRU?

Conversion CRU to WCRU

The work to eliminate minor errors on the Cryptounit blockchain has been completed on June 21, 2021. This means that those who were unable to convert CRU to WCRU tokens can do it now!

Before the conversion, clear the cache and cookies in your browser, and also do not forget to update balances on the blockchain browser and put UNTB in staking for CPU.

Why convert CRU to WCRU? WCRU is a security token, a digital share that allows you to receive a share in the Global Investment Portfolio Cryptounit. Shareholder are entitled to receive dividends.

Use the step-by-step conversion instructions.

1 WCRU is now worth $2
(waiting for price update)

Please note:
The sale of WCRU security tokens is temporarily suspended.
Stobox finished the roadmap on 29th October 2022. Further news will be released soon.
However, it is possible to buy CRUs on UnitEx or other exchanges, transfer them to the Cryptounit Blockchain, exchange them for WCRUs with a 1 : 1 ratio (in Q2/Q3 2023), and move them from there to the new STO exchange, where the WCRU will change its name.