Listing of CRU Token on the LocalTrade Exchange

LocalTrade cryptocurrency exchange has announced the listing of CRU (Cryptounit) token. Users can make deposits and start trading the token against USDT.

CRU is a utility token, an internal digital currency that provides benefits when using the capabilities of the Cryptounit blockchain.

The advantages of the CRU token are as follows:

  1. Needed as payment for opening business accounts on the Cryptounit Blockchain.
  2. Issue new tokens on the Cryptounit Blockchain.
  3. Staking (reward in UNTB tokens) on the Cryptounit Blockchain.
  4. Funding for new projects (if you have CRU tokens as collateral) on the Cryptounit Blockchain.
  5. Provide access to the purchase of WCRU security tokens.

GFST ShareDrop

Participants of the Global WCRU Portfolio have been given the opportunity to become part of a new portfolio consisting of promising assets from the Fintech industry, such as Global Unit Pay, UnitEx, NDE, FNT, Cryptounit blockchain, and participate in the upcoming Sharedrop FINTECH STO (GFST). GFST is a security token backed by assets from the fast-growing fintech sector, with most projects already having a working product and entering the market.

Who can participate in the GFST ShareDrop and under what conditions?
The GFST ShareDrop will be available to anyone with an account on the Cryptounit blockchain (with a confirmed email address), who owns WCRU security tokens, and who is registered with a Soulbound ID along with purchased and minted SOULB. Only 20% of your WCRU balance will be eligible for the ShareDrop distribution.

For example
, if you have 1000 WCRU, only 200 WCRU will participate in the distribution.

200 WCRU × 0.02857 = 5.7 GFST tokens, where 0.02857 is an approximate coefficient that will depend on the final data after the conversion. The planned GFST price is 10 cents.

The value of GFST will grow due to:
1. Business development — increasing the value of the business and thus the token's value.
2. Supply and demand dynamics.
3. Numerous partnerships.
4. Portfolio expansion and addition of new fintech companies.

To start trading CRU tokens, you need to register on the LocalTrade exchange. To do this, you need to go to the DeFi Lab page, then open the menu in the upper left part of the page and go to the LocalTrade CEX section, go through a simple registration and verification process. That's all.