Listing of CRU Token on the LocalTrade Exchange

LocalTrade cryptocurrency exchange has announced the listing of CRU (Cryptounit) token. Users can make deposits and start trading the token against USDT.

CRU is a utility token, an internal digital currency that provides benefits when using the capabilities of the Cryptounit blockchain.

The advantages of the CRU token are as follows:

  1. Needed as payment for opening business accounts on the Cryptounit Blockchain.
  2. Issue new tokens on the Cryptounit Blockchain.
  3. Staking (reward in UNTB tokens) on the Cryptounit Blockchain.
  4. Funding for new projects (if you have CRU tokens as collateral) on the Cryptounit Blockchain.
  5. Provide access to the purchase of WCRU security tokens.

1 WCRU is now worth $2
(waiting for price update)

Please note:
The sale of WCRU security tokens is temporarily suspended.
Stobox finished the roadmap on 29th October 2022. Further news will be released soon.
However, it is possible to buy CRUs on UnitEx or other exchanges, transfer them to the Cryptounit Blockchain, exchange them for WCRUs with a 1 : 1 ratio (in Q2/Q3 2023), and move them from there to the new STO exchange, where the WCRU will change its name.

To start trading CRU tokens, you need to register on the LocalTrade exchange. To do this, you need to go to the DeFi Lab page, then open the menu in the upper left part of the page and go to the LocalTrade CEX section, go through a simple registration and verification process. That's all.