Together Great Minds Can Help More People

by Lee-Anne Leach

In 2019, I lived in India for three months and realized that I could create projects around the world, helping millions of people with the basic needs of life - food, housing, education and healthcare. This is still my top priority!

When I heard about Andrey Khovratov's mission, I was imbued with it and began to assemble a team, and in 2019, after a conference in Kuala Lumpur, I completely absorbed his vision in order to broadcast the idea of ​​the New Economic Evolution of the World (NEEW) to large audiences and give others the opportunity to make their dreams come true!

I joined the Leaders Council as soon as I was nominated because I realized that together great minds can help more people than I can alone.

I have learned a lot and am always ready to pass this knowledge on to people, wherever they live. I enjoy being a member of the Leaders Council and will do my best to spread the word about the company in Australia.

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by: Latvia

Yes, we will do that!
Together with a big power for future! Thanks for your words.

That's What the World Needs
by: Samo Janezic

Great words Lee-Anne !!

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